Thursday, September 12, 2013

September is here!

Yay for bargains!  Hopefully you had a chance to snag some good deals at the CCCsale this weekend, and you found our card in the goody bag.  There was a typo on the blog address - - Woops, its ok we only made 1,000 of them! yikes...  Well hopefully you found our site anyway, or at least looked into MOPS a little more.
We had our first meeting this Monday with a great turn out!  We are so excited for the new year.  On Monday, we custom made our own tumblers, got to know the other moms at our tables, played some fun games, and of course, filled our bellies.  Like Ashlee said, MOPS is a great place to be filled- through bellies, through Christ, encouragement, friendship, and a little bit of time away from our little ones :)

Our next meeting is September 23rd at 9:30, and we'd love to see you there!  

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  1. Hello I'm new to the whole MOPS thing. I'm looking for a group that would welcome me and my twin boys. Don't know lot of other moms around hear.